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PLUS breaking down a giveaway and rebooking sponsors

Hey thieves!

I’ve been battling with Framer for a few weeks but I am satisfied with how the new Steal Club website is coming together.

Right now, we only have a simple landing page for the site.

In a few weeks, it will become a library of tactics and playbooks for audience growth and monetization that everyone can browse (and steal from).

Can’t wait!

Let’s jump into this week’s tactics, but first, a message from this week’s sponsor…

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Stolen Tactics

#1 - Send a post-purchase email

When building digital products, the relationship stops 99% of the time when we get the person to buy our stuff.

That’s a missed opportunity. Post-purchase emails are a great way to:

  • Ask for feedback

  • Ask for testimonials

  • Upsell them on other products

This week, I came across Ev Chapman’s approach. This is the email she sends to someone 7 days after they purchase one of her masterclasses 👇

According to Ev, 90% of people reply and tell her how they are doing.

She then jumps in and opens a conversation, which often ends with her pointing out the best next steps (maybe it’s a consulting call, another product, or leaving a review…).

🕵️‍♂️ Stolen from Ev Chapman

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

If you sell digital products, send an email a few days later asking how they are doing with it.

My advice is to have a clear goal with that email:

- Ask for a testimonial

- Try to understand how the product can improve

- Upsell them into the logical next step (consulting call or another of your products)

It’s a simple automation that can be set up in minutes, so don’t neglect it.


#2 - Grow your list with a giveaway (but there’s more…)

Giveaways are definitely not the most innovative growth tactic for newsletters. But they are suuuuper effective.

The concept is simple → You might win this thing if you leave me your email

The folks at Growth Tools put together a giveaway for the last few weeks that caught my eye. Here’s why:

  • They lead with a very clear value proposition → Win a shoutout to 230,000 entrepreneurs

  • They add urgency with a countdown timer

  • They do a great job at communicating the $ value the other prizes have

I'm guessing they are doing pretty well with it.

Now there’s an argument that can be made that giveaways usually attract a lower-quality audience. Which is true, IMO.

So the key here is to try to make the most of the traffic that comes in.

How? With a post-subscribe offer 👇

The real reason they did this giveaway is to sell more of their high-ticket offer.

Who wants a shoutout to 230,000 entrepreneurs? → Entrepreneurs who have something to offer to that specific target audience

What does the team at Growth Tools do? → Help these entrepreneurs sell to other entrepreneurs.

Perfect match ✅

🕵️‍♂️ Stolen from Growth Tools. You can join the giveaway here.

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

Creating a giveaway to grow your list is the obciosu thing. But take a page from the Growth Tools playbook and try to include a post-subscribe offer

If the giveaway’s value proposition is good, you’ll get more traffic and subs than usual. And a % will convert to your higher ticket offer.


#3 - How to get sponsors to rebook with you

Most creators treat brand sponsorships as a one-off thing → You pay me, I place your ad, and we call it a day.

That's a mistake.

The ad placement is only the beginning. Example:

Olly from Senja.io said that from 20 sponsorships booked for his SaaS, only 2 reported on results, 1 asked for a testimonial, and 0 asked if they wanted to book again.

Those are missed opportunities. If the ad goes well, it's your chance to:

  • Try to get them to rebook

  • Or get a testimonial for future advertisers

Now that I see things from the brand side with Taplio (I handle partnerships for them), I can assure you that finding trustworthy creators is really HARD.

Brands prefer to repeat rather than have to chase new creators. Be one of those!

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

Here are Olly's tips to book repeated sponsorships:

After every booked sponsorship 👇

- Send a thank you email

- Forward the partnership link

- Report on all relevant metrics

- Request a video or text testimonial (with Senja.io)

- Offer a discount for the next booking

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